About Us

Corporate History & Milestones

  • 2016

    Five-year Strategic Development Plan was approved by the Group

    Appointed Mr. Bruno Guy Charles Deruyck as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

  • 2015
    Completed its first market rasing by issuing CB of USD 46.3 million to CCBI, and successfully introduced CCBI as a strategic investor
  • 2014

    Novus' results consolidated into the Company and Novus becomes its core growth engine

    The net profit attributable to the Company’s core businesses achieved approximately HKD211 million, almost three times increase year on year

    Continuing M&A of international upstream projects while developing its downstream business

    Acquisition of Novus Energy Inc., a Canadian oil and gas company, at CAD230 million, expanding its international upstream business

  • 2013

    Issued Convertible Bonds of $1.6 billion to Yanchang Petroleum Group, which become the largest shareholder with equity interest increased to 53.03% (being granted whitewash waiver)

  • 2012

    Refined oil business achieved significant growth

    Yanchang Petroleum Group received placement of 1.3 billion new shares, and become the single largest shareholder with equity interests increased to 29.69%

    Change of company name to Yanchang Petroleum International Limited

  • 2011
    Acquired 70% interests in Henan Yanchang and embarked operation of refined oil trading and storage business
  • 2010
    Yanchang Petroleum Group acquired 917 million shares, and became a major shareholder with 15% equity interests
  • 2007-2008
    Acquired 100% interests in Madagascar oil exploration blocks 3113 and 2104