Novus Oilfield Blocks

About Novus

Novus engages in the business of acquiring, exploring, developing and producing crude oil and natural gas in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Novus produces high netback, light sweet crude oil via horizontal drilling and has drilled around 360 horizontal oil wells since its incorporation in 2009. Novus has 160,000 net acres of land currently. From August to October 2017, Novus accounted for 3 of the 15 top producing wells in Viking play.

The largest core area of Novus is located in the greater Dodsland area of Southwest Saskatchewan, Canada. Its attractive and productive oil and gas portfolio in Canada contributes to the Company’s international expansion and sustainable growth.

Financial highlights

As of 31 Dec (HKD’000) 2017 2016
Oil and gas(BOE) 1,055,000 880,000
Contributed production income 316,011 199,683
Operating profit/(loss) 10,164 (37,966)
Production and drilling New Drills     31
Refraes        10
New Drills     9
Refraes        14

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