Madagascar Exploration Projects

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Status of Exploration Block 3113

The Exploration Block 3113 is located in the southern part of Toliara Province, Madagascar with an area of about 8,320 square kilometers.

The Exploration Block 3113 is jointly invested by Yanchang Petroleum Group, Yanchang Petroleum International and ECO Energy. Up to now, we have completed non-seismic geophysical exploration of 3,537 square kilometers, 2D seismic exploration of 470 kilometers, 4 drilling wells for 14364 meters and the well-testing of the three wells with 4 layers. The integrated exploration results represented the possible presence of oil and gas. However, because of the recent fluctuation of international oil price and the complexity of geological status, the co-investors of Exploration Block 3113 decided to summarize previous exploration data and research results and conduct more detailed geological study before making further plans.

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